We want you to enjoy a spectacular diving; marine life with incredible scenery

Punta Perula

This calm surf beach forms a peaceful vacation haven, is excellent for swimming and boat ride. Refuge for marine and terrestrial birds, has over 10 kilometers of varied marine and river scenes; Here you can find the small lookout for the painter, the steep rocks for those who like to hear the roar of the waves, the hill with vegetation for lovers to be inspired watching the sea, tranquil beaches for children romp.

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Dive Sites

You can enjoy one of our six locations to Diving in Chamela Bay. Be surprised by the Aviary Island, Kitchen Island, the Elephant, the Negrito, Stone Hearth, and the Canal of Paradise.

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"We are a PADI RESORT and all our certifications we are supported and have global validity. In fact, most of your diving adventures, you'll be surrounded by divers PADI's largest and most respected diver training organization in the world. "

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